Russian student dies after booze contest

A student from Russian city of Tyumen in Siberia was found dead after he took part in an alcohol speed-drinking competition at a local night club, informs Interfax news agency.

According to police report a 21-year-old young man was wiling the time away with his friends. The group was actively belting down drinks, and when the compere announced a contest as to who could drink several vodka shots as fast as possible, the young man was quick to agree.

On returning back to his friends he lost consciousness. Friends decided that he just had too many and took him home. The next morning he was found dead. The autopsy states that the young man died of alcohol intoxication.

The police say it will not initiate a criminal case against the nightclub for the contest due to absence of legal ground for the case, but that does not release the nightclub’s administration of the moral responsibility for the accident.