Russian ship accused of polluting English Channel

Russian ship accused of polluting English Channel
A Russian dry cargo ship Skulptor Anikushin, suspected of being the source of an oil spill in the English Channel, has been moored at France’s Dunkirk seaport on Tuesday.

The 50 metre long and 25 metre wide spill was spotted by a French customs helicopter off the city of Dieppe.

Skulptor Anikushin appeared to be the closest vessel. It was passing through the area on its way to St. Petersburg.

The vessel belongs to the Russian Northwestern Shipping Company and is registered at the St. Petersburg seaport.

An investigation is underway. The Russian Consulate in France is trying to settle the issue.

Meanwhile, a representative of the La Manche and North Sea naval authority said on Tuesday the pollution does not seem large, Itar-Tass news agency reports.

He said the spot was fuel oil rather than heavy petroleum products.