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Skatecrow: Russian roof-surfin' bird caught on tape (VIDEO)

Russian winter, so alluring with its crisp snow and frosty fresh air, even birds cannot resist its pleasures. A Russian family has spotted a curious bird as it was trying out some snowboarding on a nearby roof.

­The crow was surfing using a round lid from a jar and was then returning to the rooftop carrying its equipment in the beak. It was even nudging the lid if it stuck in the snow.

Maybe it is teasing us,” commented one of the children of the family as they watched the inventive bird sliding down the roof. 

Frame from the video showing a crow sliding down the roof.
Frame from the video showing a crow sliding down the roof.

­The ability of crows to operate different tools to achieve their purposes has been known for a long time. This skill, however, is generally used by the smart birds to get food. But here the surfing bird apparently just wants to have fun.

One of the possible explanations for such peculiar behavior is that the crow saw someone doing this, repeated the move and then just liked it.

So next time you are on a ski slope, watch out for little birdie.