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27 Aug, 2007 09:18

Russian Prosecutor General's press conference

During his press conference, the Russian Prosecutor General, Yury Chaika, also touched upon some other significant issues.

Mr Chaika emphasized he is still optimistic about the prospects to extradite the Russian businessman in-exile Boris Berezovsky.

“Britain's non-constructive stance on the Berezovsky case has nothing in common with justice or international law, and is an obstacle to us in this case. We are hoping we will manage to turn the situation around, especially now that our colleagues from Switzerland, France and Brazil are helping us with it. Brazilian authorities have already brought charges against him and have issued an arrest warrant. Now the British authorities will once again have to decide on extraditing Berezovsky, this time to Brazil,” he said.

In this respect RT’s political commentator Peter Lavelle said the Politkovskaya case is more likely to be resolved soon than the Berezovsky one. “Let’s stick to the Politkovskaya case. I think this the only case, which can be solved at the moment. The other one is a deeply criminal one, and I don’t see it ending any time soon,” Peter Lavelle pointed out.

The Russian Prosecutor General also commented on the YUKOS case.

“Regarding the investigation of the YUKOS case, the investigation has been completed.  Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev are charged with embezzling more than 890 BLN roubles. Neither deny their guilt, but attempt to slow down the case hearing by requesting new defence attorneys, who are known to protect the interests of oligarchs. Regarding our request to the Swiss High Court to assist us in the investigation of the case, which the Court denied, we consider it to be based on political motives alone. It showed disrespect for our country,” Mr Chaika explained.

Commenting this issue, Peter Lavelle said that the Prosecutor General had made it clear the case is highly politicised but Russia would stick to its guns.