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21 Nov, 2006 03:30

Russian press review 21.11.06

Russian press review 21.11.06

Russian press writes about the idea to maintain privileges for outgoing regional leaders, migration service intention to have its own police and the corruption in high schools in Russia.

“Novye Izvestia” daily writes about new legislation in Saint-Petersburg which will allow the heads of the regions to maintain their privileges long after they leave their posts.

The daily warns this may lead to a 'rise in discontent within Russian society' because when the social benefits system was modernized 2 years ago, many people suffered losses.

So, it’s hard to expect them to give their blessing to officials trying to hang on to theirs.

“Novye Izvestia” also reports on corruption in higher education in Russia.

Around 100 teachers are accused of bribery each year, but it seems this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Experts say this is a widespread phenomenon in Russia. The only difference from university to university is the size of the bribes demanded.
The Federal Migration Service is going to have its own police, reports “Gazeta” newspaper.

The new institution will take control of all migration flows into and out of Russia, taking away some of the duties of the Internal Affairs Ministry.

But the newspaper isn't too enthusiastic about this prospect.

It says the move will only increase the number of controlling departments without improving the situation.

“Trud” daily writes about a high-school student, who's become an official representative of the Krasnoyarsk region's governor.

The girl called Katya has been trying to draw official's attention to the problems of her village.

Now that she's succeeded, the governor has asked her to be one of his representatives because she cares so much about the place she lives in.