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9 Mar, 2007 21:54

Russian press review, 10.03.07

Russian press review, 10.03.07

The Russian press analyses Russia's prospects as an oil supplier to Europe, writes about Russia's aid to developing countries and the ageing population as global challenges of modern society.

Business daily Vedomosti looks at Poland's eventual attempt to hold a summit of countries interested in oil supplies from Central Asia to Europe bypassing Russia. The newspaper's expert says multiple oil transshipment makes this project uncompetitive compared with oil transfers via Russia. However, the interest in this project keeps rising against the background of growing mistrust between Russia and the EU.  The project's success depends on Kazakhstan and Ukraine and they are likely to back it up, according to the expert.

In another article Vedomosti writes that Lehman Brothers, a leading world investment bank, is returning to Russia. According to the daily's analyst, this comeback is a milestone event, as they lost quite a lot in Russia in the 1998 financial crisis and believed they would never return.

Gazeta daily reports Russia has allocated $11 MLN to help developing countries with food. Another $10 MLN will go to eliminate the consequences of natural disasters. In 2007 Russia will supply essentials to Tajikistan, Armenia, Sudan, Kenya, Indonesia and Cuba. The paper goes on to say Russia will also share its experience in supplying emergency medicine. And this year the Moscow region will host the exercises of the international medical rescue forces.

Moskovsky Komsomolets daily claims neither global warming, nor the exhaustion of natural resources, nor the stand-off between developed and poor countries be the biggest challenge by 2020. In fact, it will be the ageing population: by 2020 the number of the retired will equal the number of workers. And it's still unclear how humanity will ensure a normal life for itself. The daily adds that society will change irreversibly as a result of global ageing.