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8 Feb, 2007 03:02

Russian press review, 08.02.07

Russian press review, 08.02.07

The Russian press enlarges upon the country’s Defence Minister Sergey Ivanov’s report to the State Duma, informs about the coach of Russia's football team standing accused of tax evasion, and claims a new Ice Age is coming.

The army newspaper, Krasnaya Zvezda, analyzes what Defence Minister Sergey Ivanov told the legislature, singling out his statement that the armed forces should be prepared for future, not past, wars.

The daily believes Sergey Ivanov’s report suggests that the mass-scale re-armament of the armed forces is under way.

The Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper notes that Mr Ivanov pins his hopes for a successful rearmament not so much on the amount as on the quality of the new weapons due to be supplied to the military.

Gazeta daily draws the conclusion that the Kremlin is ready not only to re-adopt the Soviet doctrine of military parity with the West but also to exceed it.

Vedomosti business daily believes putting into practice the 5-trillion-ruble state weapons programme, which is due to run till the year 2015, will lead to modest results.

According to the paper, experts believe that reductions are to be expected in both the strategic nuclear forces and the general-purpose forces.

The Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper reports that Holland accuses the coach of the Russian national football team, Guus Hiddink, of tax evasion and wants him in jail for 10 months.

In this connection, the paper interviewed Vitaly Mutko, Head of the Russian Football Union, who claims it is business as usual for the team, no matter what sentence the court may pass.

According to Mr Mutko, they try to build an organizational system that will obviate dependence on any single coach or manager.

Komsomolskaya Pravda daily declares the global warming process is coming to an end.

The paper quoted Habibulo Abdusamatov, head of the Space Research Laboratory of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Main Observatory, who asserts the world climate will start getting colder five years from now!

According to the paper, the scientist predicts a new Ice Age is around the corner. In his view, it is likely to begin in 2012.