Russian Pacific Fleet begin military exercises

Russian Pacific Fleet begin military exercises
15 ships and scores of aircraft from the Russian Pacific Fleet, which is in charge of security on Russia's Pacific coast, have begun large-scale war games in the Sea of Japan to develop anti-submarine tactics.

The Fleet's key task is to watch for foreign submarines and battle ships.

During the exercises the aircraft aim to identify and destroy hidden targets. The commanders say the war games help young pilots practice their skills and make their everyday tasks run smoothly.

“We look for foreign submarines and report to headquarters about their whereabouts and actions. That helps our submarines on duty to patrol the sea,” a pilot from Khabarovsk Region, Mikhail Volkov, said.

Planes take off every few minutes and the flights continue into the night.

The Japanese Air Force has shown great interest in these war games. Its jet fighters accompany the Russian aircraft above neutral waters at the Japanese border.