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12 Sep, 2007 20:49

Russian newborn to stay in Turkey with Mum

Russian doctors who've examined a Russian baby born prematurely in Turkey last week, say he should stay put for at least three weeks. The baby's mother gave birth while on holiday in Antalya with her husband, but had to leave him behind when she couldn't

Following more tests on Wednesday, paediatrician Oleg Ionov said it was too soon to take the baby home. “The baby was born deeply premature. He is two weeks old now. His state is medium severe and stable.  However, the baby is dependant on oxygen.  And moving him would be a source of additional stress”, he said.

Turkish doctors had a different view, approving the child's journey to Russia. But the trip was postponed after Russian doctors intervened.

Sergey Korsakov been kept in an incubator at Antalya’s Anadolu Hospital since his birth.  

His mother, Yulia Korsakova, has been told she must stay with him for the next 20 days, as he is being fed breast milk with special equipment.

The story of Sergey's premature birth, while his parents were on a seaside holiday, has attracted international attention.

There's been mixed reaction to the behaviour of the parents. Some say it was irresponsible of Sergey's mother to go on holiday while she was seven months pregnant. others are more sympathetic, saying the mother had to abandon her baby because she couldn't pay the hospital fees.  

The media has been split along national lines. In Russia there's been talk about a 'boy hostage'. In Turkey, the focus is on a 'dizzy' mother.  

The family reunion has been postponed for at least 3 weeks. The child and his mother scheduled to stay in Turkey for the next 20 days.