Russian miners demand better pay

Over 100 miners are on strike in the Sverdlovsk region for a fourth day. On Wednesday the workers refused to come up from the mine at the end of their shift. The miners are demanding higher wages and canceling working Saturdays.

Russia's Aluminium giant RUSAL has reportedly stopped work on all mines, which belong to the mine's owner SOOBR, in order to investigate the incident.

The strikers have been given warm clothes and food, and one had to be brought up to the surface with a fever.

Their demands have been handed over in written form to the mine's owners.

Prosecutors say law enforcement authorities have the situation under control.

“There are no signs of the situation getting worse. Food is being supplied and medical care provided. Their rights are being adhered to in full,” said Oleg Lyubimov, Deputy Prosecutor of the Sverdlovsk region.