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16 Jun, 2007 01:52

Russian men taking love lessons

For Russian men, who find the opposite sex something of a mystery, help is at hand. A school designed to help men with their chat-up lines has opened its doors.

According to some Russian psychologists men are having a hard time meeting the ladies. “Really the problem is traditional. Men have always had trouble figuring out how to approach the opposite sex,” psychologist Boris Novoderzhkin notes.

But relationships might not be doomed. Meet “Max”, king of Pick-Upers and a Professor of Love, teaching Russian men having trouble in the market how to pick-up women.

“Responsibility, strength, we try to improve all the qualities that attract women. People can think they have these qualities but many people don’t, and that’s what we give people,” Maksim Dukhin, “Max,” stresses.

Schools of pick-upers are popping up across Moscow, but Max believes his company differs from competitors, when it comes to one very important thing – sex. - Maksim Dukhin says.

And students swear buy his formula. “I feel a difference, I feel more sure of myself, I feel comfortable meeting women and most of all I know what to do,” Dmitry Mikhailkov notes.

Editor of FHM-Russia, Maria Arzamasova, thinks pick-up courses are a great way for men to improve their chances. “Men have always tried to meet women in parks or bars but not everyone knows how to approach women. You see a woman and then what? What do I say to her?” Maria asks.

Maybe Pick-Up school is worth a shot.