Russian gas pipeline explodes in Bulgaria

Russian gas supplies to Greece have been halted due to a pipeline explosion in Bulgaria. The blast took place in the village of Dolno Balgarchevo in the south of the country, and is said to have been caused by a gas leak.

The consequences of the blast will be known within the next two days, according to officials from the Bulgargas company, following an examination of the explosion site.

No casualties have been reported.

Greece gets around 80% of all its gas through the pipeline.

Bulgargas emergency services are currently working to fix the damaged section of the pipeline.

The Russian company, Gazprom, says repair work is underway.

“As there was a blast on the pipeline, Russian natural gas deliveries to Greece through Bulgarian territory have been halted. Our Bulgarian colleagues are trying to solve the problem and restore the damaged section in order to resume gas supplies according to the agreed volumes as soon as possible. At the moment, Greece is using gas from its underground storages,” Sergey Kupriyanov, Gazprom’s spokesperson, says.