Russian forces pulled out of Georgia

Russia's Foreign ministry has confirmed all peacekeepers have been withdrawn from two positions in the security zone outside the Georgian port city of Poti, two days ahead of schedule. The withdrawal has also been confir

The buffer zone between Poti and the Abkhaz border was created after the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict began.

Moscow says the troops were deployed to provide stability in the region after Georgia's aggression against South Ossetia last month.

On Monday, September 8, an addition to the Medvedev – Sarkozy agreement was signed, according to which all Russian troops have to leave Georgia prior to Monday, September 15.

Also according to the Medvedev – Sarkozy agreement Georgian troops have to withdraw to the positions, which they had before the conflict.

So far there have been no news on that.

After that occurs, the EU and OSCE observers will take up positions on October 1 and assume control over the region.