Russian finds $US 700.000 in forest

Russian finds $US 700.000 in forest
A local resident of the Russia’s Siberian region of Chita found 18 MLN roubles, which is over $US 0.5 MLN. The local division of Sberbank had been robbed ten days earlier, after a carefully planned operation.

Robbers stole 38 MLN roubles – the equivalent of more than $US 1 MLN.

While walking his dog in the woods, the man stumbled over a storage space, where robbers had also hidden 250 GRM of gold and over a 1.5 KG of silver.

Investigators announced they had solved the case, three days after the incident. One of the security workers, killed by the robbers, had left a message with his wife, which gave the police the leads needed to solve the crime.

Four suspects have been detained and will be officially charged soon.