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30 Jul, 2008 10:54

Russian concerns surface about U.S. relationship

Relations between Moscow and Washington could face serious complications after the U.S. election. That's according to an anonymous source in the Russian Foreign Ministry, who was quoted as saying ‘ties could come to naught’.

We often hear US-Russia relations are at their worst since the Cold War. The ties between two countries could face further complications after Americans elect a new president.

According to the Interfax news agency, the source was responding to recent comments by U.S. presidential hopeful, Republican John McCain, who called for Russia to be booted out of the G8 and criticised democracy in the country.

“Everything is fine until we're told how we are meant to behave, who to sleep with and who to push out the door,” the diplomat was quoted as saying.

“After all, they are not godfathers of our children, and there are a lot of others to communicate with,” the source said.

McCain is known for his anti-Russian rhetoric, mixing facts and along with his criticisms like Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is still running the country, he himself sometimes seems confused.

But some say McCain’s tough talk on Russia is a part of a ‘look tough’ campaign.

“Those who traditionally vote for the Republican Party, but are hesitant now for one reason or another – they will think: that’s our guy!” Kiril Bessonov – a politics expert for Moscow News– says.

McCain’s rival Barack Obama has expressed willingness to work with Russia and the need to put the Cold War mindset behind.

Relations between the two countries have been rocky with issues such as the proposed U.S. anti-missile defence system in Eastern Europe often causing diplomatic disputes.