Bridge’s St. Vitus dance

Motorists using a bridge in the southern Russian city of Volgograd were given the ride of a lifetime by a powerful gust of wind.

The new river crossing started shaking violently and a massive downpour at the same time made conditions worse.

Drivers say their cars were literally thrown into the air, many thinking it was an earthquake.

The shaking was so severe it caused vehicles to career into the opposite lane creating chaos.

The Russian President’s press service reported on Friday afternoon that Dmitry Medvedev had charged the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Presidential Control Directorate with the task of checking the details of the bridge’s design, construction and usage.

A bridge will be reopened on May 25. Experts say the bridge poses no threat to dirvers at the moment, but they are taking every precaution and it will be reopened only for smaller vehicles.