Russia to suspend CFE Treaty: Ivanov

Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Ivanov has confirmed Russia’s intention to suspend the Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe. He added the country would no longer inform anyone about troop movements on its territory.

The suggestion to put a moratorium on the treaty until other countries ratify it came last week during the presidential address to the Federal Assembly.

“The CFE was signed in Europe when the continent was divided into two camps, and the world has changed since then. An amended agreement was put in place in 1999, signed by four countries, none of which were in NATO.  Russia then limited its flanks on the north and south voluntarily, while others had not even ratified the treaty. Our President did not say we were terminating the agreement, he has suggested putting a moratorium on our fulfillment of the CFE, until it goes into effect.  Why should we be the only ones to fulfill the conditions, while others are free from its obligations? That is not logical,” Mr Ivanov said.