Russia states Serbia’s territorial integrity should be respected

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has stressed that peace in Europe can only be built by respecting Serbia's territorial integrity. He was speaking at a ceremony in the Kremlin welcoming recently appointed ambassadors to Russia, including Serbia's.

“Today the people of Serbia are defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their country. Our position on the issue of Kosovo is very well known – peace cannot be built in Europe without taking into account the fundamental principles of international law, including the principles of the Helsinki Final Act,” Vladimir Putin stated.

Meanwhile, Serbia's Foreign Minister, Vuk Jeremich, is in Washington for talks with his counterpart Condoleezza Rice.

The U.S. is backing Kosovo's quest for independence and is lobbying for international agreement on the way forward.

Vuk Jeremic says such a move could send the region backwards. He believes a solution ‘acceptable to all’ should be found.

“We need to combine our resources and experience to achieve a creative compromise to the future status of Kosovo,” he said.