Russia sends humanitarian aid to South Ossetia

Russia's Emergencies Ministry has gathered its forces which are delivering tonnes of humanitarian aid to the devastated capital Tskhinvali.

Food, water, drugs and temporary hospitals are heading there via Java where they will take up more equipment and humanitarian aid.

They also have mobile power stations with them.

“We’ve decided to send a rescue mission there, including two hospitals with all the necessary facilities. We also plan to set up a camp for those who have been left homeless,” said Pavel Plat, chief military expert from the Emergencies Ministry.

Meanwhile, South Ossetian authorities are planning to evacuate around 3,000 people from the conflict zone on Monday.

Majority of those from the breakaway republic have taken refuge in Russia’s republic of North Ossetia.

A group of Russian pediatricians will be sent to its capital Vladikavkaz on Monday as the number of injured children is growing in the region.