Russia sends aid to Kosovo Serbs

A Russian plane carrying humanitarian aid for Serbs in Kosovo has landed in Belgrade. Food and medicine were sent first. Medical equipment and hygiene products are to be delivered in the next few days.

The aid is worth nearly $US 2 million.

Russia is an ally of Serbia and strongly opposed Kosovo's declaration of independence in February.

Yury Brazhnikov from the Emergencies Ministry says there's unlikely to be any opposition from the authorities in Kosovo.

“This is going to be a serious help. We’ll deliver 160 tonnes of food and medical equipment – things that Serbia has asked for, things their old people, children and women need.

The Kosovar authorities’ reaction to our humanitarian effort is calm. I don’t foresee any resistance on their part. We have some experience working together with the UN and KFOR (NATO-led Kosovo Force). I hope we’ll be able to co-operate with the new authorities as well in order to deliver this cargo to its recipients on time,” he said.