Russia offers Japan role in missile defence

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has suggested Japan take part in a global missile defence system, together with Russia and other countries. Japan's Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura has assured Russia that it has no intention of creating a common j

Moscow still considers that the best way of anti-missile defence is a collective system of security, according to Lavrov. “The system could unite Russia, the U.S., Europe and, of course, Japan,” he said.

Komura noted that plans to develop a joint missile defense with the U.S. were a forced measure. “Firstly, there were nuclear tests in North Korea,” said Japanese foreign minister.

Meanwhile, no solution has been found for the territorial dispute over the South Kuril Islands, but the parties are determined to continue negotiations.

A official peace treaty from WW2 is yet to be signed because of Japanese claims over the four islands.

“As for the territorial problem, we reached a common agreement about the need to resolve it,” assured Masahiko Komura.

Moreover, the two ministers have also discussed preparations for the summit of G8 leaders in Hokkaido in the summer.