Russia celebrates Navy Day

Ports across Russia are marking Navy Day – a major celebration which is held on the last Sunday of July every year.

The display of nautical clout is also big in Ukraine, where Russia's huge Black Sea Fleet is based, as nearly 15,000 have gathered to watch the parade.

They were treated with a parade of battleships sailing by, along with fireworks and demonstrations of rescue and military attack operations.

Some 22 warships, nine auxiliary ships, over 20 speedboats, more than 20 units of military hardware and 5,000 marines participated in the festivities headed by the commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolyov.

Most of the spectators are wearing black and white stripes for the occasion as it is the color of the Russian Navy.

Another historic date marked simultaneously is the 90th anniversary of the day when the White Army left the Crimea, effectively ending the Civil War.