Russia marks bloodiest battle ever

November 19 will forever be etched in Russian minds as the day in 1942 when Soviet forces began their brutal counter-offensive against German troops in Stalingrad. One and a half million people died. Activities marking the start of the battle are underway

The battle was the turning point in World War II in Europe

The city's main square, called the square of the fallen warriors, will host a number of commemorative events.

According to a long standing tradition, World War II veterans will be honoured. Also weapons of the Russian army will be showcased as well as the defence industry's latest products.

A military orchestra will be performing while the honour guard platoon will give a marching display to mark the considerable sacrifice of the Russian people.

The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the most bloody and brutal stand-offs in human history that claimed the lives of over one and a half million people.