Russia flexes muscles against terrorists

Russia's internal forces have been celebrating their professional birthday. The structure, established by Tsar Alexandr I, is now 197 years old. The anti-terrorist unit eliminated over 50 militants during more than 2000 special operations last year. On Th

Although the scale of the fighting pales in comparison with the Chechen campaigns, Russia's internal forces are still engaged in a simmering conflict with Islamic militants.

And whilst Chechnya has a heavy security presence, the neighboring North Caucuses republics frequently require special operations to root out terrorist cells.
The internal forces chief believes his men are better prepared than ever.

“These days we receive sufficient funding. We spend the money prudently, and this enables us to maintain a force that can satisfy all the requirements,” Nikolay Rogozhkin, Russia’s Internal Forces commander-in-Chief, said.

Although these exercises demonstrate brute strength, fighting terrorism in the future will increasingly require precision, guile and a thoroughly modern tactical approach.