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6 Sep, 2008 04:36

‘Russia curbed a major war’ – Abkhazian President

Abkhazian President Sergey Bagapsh has credited Russia’s military operation in South Ossetia with curbing a major war in the Caucasus. He also hit out at claims that Georgia had defended Tskhinval against attack from the Russian army, describing them as p

To watch a media briefing with Sergey Bagapsh in full, please follow the link

Speaking at a media briefing in Moscow on Saturday, Bagapsh said: “Georgia says Abkhazians are bad, Armenians are bad, South Ossetians, Azerbaijanis, Russians – everybody is bad. One cannot have a row with everyone. I think you should look for the roots of the conflict inside Georgia. That‘s what has led to the events we’re now discussing.”

Sergey Bagapsh added Georgia’s aggression against South Ossetia had been “pure genocide”.

“Without a doubt, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili is a political corpse,” he said. “A man who has as much blood on his hands as he does cannot lead a state and hold talks. Neither me, nor Mr Kokoity, president of South Ossetia, will ever stand close to Mr Saakashvili. He is a small tyrant who has been brought up by the U.S.”

The Abkhazian President also announced his country would like to join the Commonwealth of Independent States: “If the CIS member states consider it possible, we will join this organization.”

Meanwhile, it was confirmed that the agreement on friendship and cooperation between Russia and Abkhazia is ready, and will shortly be signed in Moscow.

Bagapsh also said that Abkhazia would like to become an offshore country.