Russia could counterattack if U.S. interceptor is launched

The launch of a U.S. interceptor in Europe as part of a missile defence shield could lead to an inadvertent response from intercontinental ballistic missiles, according to Chief of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff. Yury Baluevsky describes the shape

He says that Russia has an automatic system of missile launch warning which operates with minimum human interference.

Speaking at a media conference, he also added that Russia's suspension of the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty gives him more flexibility.

“We freed ourselves from the obligations under this treaty. To be more precise, these obligations included the provision of phone information, receiving and carrying out inspections.  There’ll be no massive arms build up, but now, as Chief of General staff, I can freely move Russian troops across the territory of Russia – something I couldn’t do before the CFE suspension law came into force,” Baluevsky said.