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28 Jul, 2008 14:41

Russia calls for new European security system

Russia has told NATO that it wants an equal role in providing global protection. At a meeting with the alliance's ambassadors, Russia's envoy Dmitry Rogozin said a new system of world security was called for involving individual nations rather than bloc g

He also repeated Moscow's concern that NATO's military infrastructure was creeping closer to Russia's borders.

Rogozin told RT about the NATO members' reaction to the proposals:

“On the one hand, the NATO ambassadors are quite keen to get better knowledge of the new European security proposals made by the Russian president. On the other, there is, it seems to me, a certain amount of apprehension regarding the fact that Russia is suggesting a certain new security formula that will call into question existing organisations, such as the OSCE and NATO,” he said.

He added that he believes thereis “nothing to fear in this respect because, I regret to say, we have reached an impasse on many issues.”

“This is why we need to reformat the entire security system and take a fresh look at the philosophy of peace in Europe,” Rogozin continued.

“We must understand that, first, someone’s security cannot be built at the expense of someone else’s security. And second, there cannot be a situation where we call each other 'partners' but then take no interest in our partners’ views,” he concluded.