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29 Apr, 2008 16:33

Russia and Greece sign deal on gas pipeline

Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis and President Vladimir Putin have been stepping on the gas. They’ve signed a deal for the South Stream pipeline in Moscow.

Following talks with the Greek Prime Minister, President Vladimir Putin said that by working together the two countries can help stabilise European energy markets.

“Further steps were agreed on for the implementation of our energy projects. The pipeline between Burgas and Alexandroupolis and the South Stream pipeline will strengthen the energy security not only of Western Europe but also of the Balkans. The Greek part of the pipeline has been confirmed and this decision opens up new horizons and new possibilities for Russian-Greek cooperation,” Putin said.

Greek PM Kostas Karamanlis spoke about the importance of the South Stream project, both for southern and central Europe.

“The demand for gas is growing and the construction of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline will lead to closer relations between our countries. We should provide energy security not only for our country but for our European colleagues as well. We receive gas not only from Russia but also from Algeria. Firstly we need to meet the growing European demand and then make sure supplies are secure,” Karamanlis said.

Putin also made a statement on Kosovo.

“We think the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo is unjust and unlawful. And referring that ‘the situation has basically developed this way’ cannot be accepted, because it hasn’t developed this way by itself, but with international interaction. If weaponry hadn’t been supplied to the conflict zone and independence promised, it wouldn’t have been accomplished. In some regions such conflicts are called fights for independence, while in others they’re called terrorism. I think we need a unified approach. We should comply with international law,” he added.

To watch the full news conference following the meeting of Greek Prime-Minister Kostas Karamanlis and Russia's President Vladimir Putin please follow the link.