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11 Oct, 2011 20:54

‘RT was the only media outlet covering OWS protests’

US “corporate media” are trying to drive a wedge” between the American people by portraying the Occupy Wall Street protests as a left-wing movement, says Wide Awake News founder Charlie McGrath.

“When these protests started in New York City some 20-plus days ago, basically RT was the only one out there covering it, and after 19 days and the realization that it wasn’t going away, we saw an onslaught of mainstream media, corporate media, show up and try to paint this as a democratic cause,” he told RT. “So, what they should be doing and what they are doing are completely different things. What they are going to try to do is drive a wedge between the people of this country, painting this to be a left-wing event, versus the already co-opted Tea Party.”“I think the agenda is very self-evident,” McGrath continued. “They want to take this OWS movement that is organic and spreading throughout this country – and even into London, I see now over the weekend – and they want to drive a wedge between different factions in this country.”

Occupy Wall Street protests began in the world’s financial capital, New York City, on September 17. This week protests spread to dozens of cities across the United States.