RT’s correspondent injured in Cairo

A crew from the Russian TV channel RT Arabic, known in Arabic as Rusia al-Yaum, was injured in Cairo while covering the protests there. The journalists were caught in the middle of fighting between opposing groups on Tahrir Square.

­While reporting on the struggle between supporters and opponents of President Hosni Mubarak at Tahrir Square, RT correspondent Abdel Salem Adila, cameraman Yegor Kryvonos and assistant Alexander Sushchev found themselves in the epicenter of the riots and were sandwiched between the violently opposed parties. The correspondent was injured by thrown rocks.

Despite the injury, the correspondent continued to broadcast from the scene.

"A lot of supporters of President Mubarak took to the streets, tens of thousands. At Tahrir Square, they are confronted with opposition supporters,” Adila said. “We went through the barricades and were between two rival groups at a time when clashes between demonstrators began. Then the opponents began throwing stones at each other, and we were in the crossfire. Then began the crush, but we managed to get to a safe distance and continue to work.”