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5 Aug, 2007 06:51

Rescued girls back in Moscow

Two girls, who survived more than a week lost in the Urals forest, have arrived in Moscow safe and sound. It took over 200 people and two helicopters to find Masha Sorokina and Masha Tarnopolskaya.

The two families had ten sleepless nights – with their beloved children missing thousands of kilometres away from home.

The two girls were on a wildlife trek in the Urals and went missing while exploring the forest. They walked over 100 kilometres in the forest living off wild berries. It took eight days to find the girls in the boreal forest – something that the rescuers call a happy end to a large-scale search, while Masha Sorokina's mother Elena says it was miraculous.

The first time I got really scared was when our helicopter took off and I realized the forest's proportions. I understood that if we found them, it would be a miracle.

Elena Sorokina,
one of the girls' mother

Maria Tarnopolskaya, still suffering stress, declined to speak on camera.Masha Sorokina seems to be OK, but overwhelmed by her loved ones' attention. She says if they hadn't found when they were, they could only have lasted in the forest for another two days. And it was only by helping each other that they were able to survive.

“We kept helping each other, tried to support each other, we slept hugging each other, as it was rather cold. We were calming each other down,” Maria recalls.

Masha says what happened to them won't stop her from taking part in future wildlife treks.

After eight days missing and two days' medical treatment the girls are finally safe. A research trip that could have ended a tragedy is now over. The girls say it was an adventure they will never forget.