Relief operation for South Ossetia gathers speed

While politicians attempt to negotiate a lasting peace, volunteers are working around the clock to bring much-needed relief to refugees and those still living in areas ravaged by the war in the south Caucasus. World leaders and aid charities are offering

The Red Cross is mounting a massive operation to get basic necessities to people who have lost everything. And also to help people cope with the horrors they have seen.

“We’ve been providing humanitarian aid as well as psychological help. We have a strong team of psychologists working there. We’ve been collecting things to help the victims of the conflict in South Ossetia. First of all we help women, children, elderly people and refugees,” said Dimitry Fedotov of the Red Cross.

Major world charities are not the only ones lending their help.

At the South Ossetian Community Centre, unpaid volunteers are preparing rescue packs of clothes, food and medicine to be shipped out to the needy.

All of the supplies within the packs are being donated by the public, keen to help the victims of the war.