Relics from legendary cruiser Varyag return home

The flag of the legendary Russian cruiser “Varyag,” together with other relics from the ship, have been returned to Russia in a festive ceremony.

The flag came to the Russian seaport town of Kronstadt, several dozens kilometers west of St. Petersburg. The town holds great symbolism for the Russian Navy, and for the cruiser itself. The ceremony in the northern town was attended by St. Petersburg’s mayor, Valentina Mantvienko; the president’s wife, Svetlana Medvedeva, and Patriarch Kirill.

“Today marks a memorable event in the history of Russia’s naval fleet: the flag of the legendary cruiser “Varyag” has arrived at the town of military honor Kronstadt. Starting from this day, the flag will travel across the country as a symbol of our seamen’s heroism,” said Matvienko, speaking at the ceremony.

Flag from legendary Russian cruiser "Varyag"

The cruiser was one of the biggest in the Russian fleet and was deliberately sunk during the Russian-Japanese war in 1905. Its remains, together with the flag, were kept in South Korea for nearly a century. But this year an agreement was reached to return the relics to their historic soil.