Regime change in Iran could be a solution: former U.S. envoy to UN

Former U.S. envoy to the UN, John Bolton, has said that a change in regime may be the only way to resolve Iran's nuclear standoff. He claimed Iran was unlikely to give up its nuclear weapons voluntarily or respond to current sanctions.

The former Arms Control Negotiator, Mr Bolton was speaking to the Russian TV channel Vesti.

“Personally I would prefer to change the regime because there are a number of other things that Iran is doing such as its support for terrorism, support for groups like Hamas and Hezbollah that I’d like to see change as well. But I would take the view that although military means are not the preferred alternative, it would still be better to resort to military action than to leave Iran with nuclear weapons,” he noted.

John Bolton was known for his uncompromising stance during his stint at the UN, and lost his position when the U.S. Congress voted against extending his tenure last year.