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15 May, 2008 01:42

Real-life Qs showcase latest gadgets in Moscow

From top-of-the-range helicopters and laptops that work underwater to the latest fire-fighting equipment – gadgets for aspiring James Bonds were on display at an international exhibition in Moscow.

Countering all sorts of threats – from fires to terrorism – requires durability and productivity from both men and their hardware.

Hundreds of companies from Russia and abroad are showing off their latest equipment at Moscow’s first international security exhibition.

Thousands of hi-tech wonders are on display over an area of the size of more than five football pitches. Many of them are so sophisticated that it's almost impossible to understand at first glance what they do. Others may look familiar but are highly advanced.

“These computers can be used in the harshest environments. Here we demonstrate their work in freezing temperatures, heat and dust. They are shock absorbent and can even work under water,” explained Ostap Nazarov, a leading specialist from TS computers.

Some of the latest technology presented at the exhibition have already found their way into our everyday lives. For example, a new scanning system is being introduced in airports. You can keep your shoes and belt on and just in a matter of seconds the system reveals everything on your person.

Organisers hope that this exhibition will help Russian producers and provide contracts worth millions of dollars.

“Today we’ve seen a lot of new technology. Developers have started to get lots of orders and money. I’m sure in a year or two this exhibition will have many more participants from around the world,” said Sergey Shoigu ,Russia’s Emergency Minister.

The exhibition will run till Sunday. Before then more than 30,000 people are expected to flock to the pavilions. On Friday various Russian security services will demonstrate how they tackle threats together during combined manoeuvres.