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‘Prototype’ quadrotor brings death and destruction from above

A still shot from the video uploaded to YouTube by FPSRussia
So, ‘guns don’t kill people, people do?’ Not for long. At least that's what the author of this incredible video says. A remote-controlled quadrotor equipped with a machine gun and a self-destruct module is indeed a deadly weapon of the future.

­Although capable of doing pretty sophisticated maneuvers, most modern quadrotors are still just toys. So far, nobody has managed to equip one with a real deadly weapon.

Even though the whole video is fake, the author (known by the nickname FPS Russia) believes that over the next decade the military will improve the quadrotor’s payload capacity to carry some serious killing devices.

“In the next 10, may be 15 years, shit is going to be very real,” says the guy with a convincing Russian accent. “We are talking about some pretty sophisticated warfare and the soldiers are going to need technology like this to get above the combat, around their enemies and get into tight spaces.”

The video shows a prototype, dubbed Charlene, carrying out some typical military operations, such as conducting reconnaissance, neutralizing unarmed targets, infiltrating confined space and eliminating a group of bad guys having some lunch.

And as grand finale, FPS Russia directs Charlene to a hostile vehicle and initiates a self-destruct sequence.

FPS Russia was spotted in a number of videos using some big guns and blowing things up. But despite his habitual lack of self-preservation instinct, he is not Russian. RT will not reveal his true identity – well, you know, just in case there are some law-enforcements hunting the guy.

A still shot from the video uploaded by FPSRussia
A still shot from the video uploaded by FPSRussia
A still shot from the video uploaded by FPSRussia
A still shot from the video uploaded by FPSRussia