Putin and Berlusconi talk gas and nuclear energy

Italy and Russia have agreed to join forces to develop an experimental thermo-nuclear reactor.

The agreement came during a meeting between Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his Italian counterpart, Silvio Berlusconi.

Watch their joint press-conference


Energy section was in focus with the gas giants of the two countries – Gazprom and ENI – agreeing to expand their joint work off Europe’s shores.

“Italian companies have secured $2 billion worth of commissions for the Nord Stream pipeline, and that is not all,” Putin said. “If we implement the South Stream project – and we have no doubts it will be fulfilled – there will more commissions,” he added.

For his part, Berlusconi noted, “South Stream is very important, because it guarantees uninterrupted gas supplies to us.”

Speaking on the security of the European gas deliveries, Prime Minister Putin stressed the importance of the Russia's new pipeline projects.

He said although the Ukrainian transit is secured for the moment, there is a danger that the opposition in the country could destroy the agreement if it takes power.

Putin has also confirmed the invitation to the Italian prime minister to attend the upcoming Victory Day festivities in Moscow.