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4 Sep, 2008 14:19

Put unbiased monitors in security zone – Lavrov

The Foreign Minister has set out Russia’s requirements for the policing of the security zone around South Ossetia. Sergey Lavrov is calling for the deployment of an unbiased international contingent to ensure Georgia doe

Speaking after a meeting with his Italian counterpart in Moscow, Lavrov said the measure was needed to fully implement the Medvedev-Sarkozy six-point plan.

“The fifth point of the Sarkozy-Medvedev plan clearly indicates that until international mechanisms are created, Russian peacekeepers should take additional security measures. These mechanisms are currently being created but the process of creating them has not been completed yet. As soon as this happens, as soon as these mechanisms start to function and soon as the security zone under international control becomes functional and as soon as a treaty on the non-use of force is signed, this condition will be met,” Sergey Lavrov said.   

At a joint news conference with Italian FM Franko Frattini, Lavrov praised Italy’s role during the conflict. He said the government in Rome had made every effort to stabilise the situation in the region and ensure peace.

Franko Frattini said he was satisfied with Russia’s will to cooperate with Europe. His talks with Lavrov followed a visit to Georgia on Wednesday. Frattini stressed the importance of sending humanitarian aid to the conflict zone, which Russia continues to deliver.

“Italy has taken prevailing decision not to isolate Russia. We decided against the measure of imposing sanctions against Russia. We have the desire to work and collaborate because we consider Russia a partner,” he said.