Protests continue in Ukraine

The Ukraine’s opposition protests against the economic policies of the current government continues. It’s the second day of rallies in the country following Thursday’s major event in Crimean Simferopol.

The demonstrations have been masterminded by the Party of Regions and other opposition groups, which gathered on Friday for rallies across the country.

Demonstrators have demanded a better response to the financial crisis and equal rights for the Russian-speaking population.

In Kiev alone, more than 3,000 activists from the opposition Party of Regions waved blue flags on Kiev's main square, and chanted `Crisis Stop!' and `Down with the Authorities!'

The events of Thursday and Friday reflect the growing discontent with the government's handling of the devastating financial crisis. Analysts warn that dissatisfaction could grow into mass protests and even civil unrest.

Th Ukraine has been facing political and economic upheaval since the Orange Revolution in 2004, when President Yuschenko came to power. Since 2008 the political and economic situation in the country has become even more unstable amid the global recession.