Protesters demonstrate against plans for U.S. missile bases in Poland

Several hundred protesters have taken part in the rally in central Warsaw. The rally participants protested against the U.S. wish to stage a missile shield in Poland against what they call rogue states – Iran and North Korea.

The event looked more like a carnival than a political protest. The rally started in Castle Square and slowly moved to the Presidential palace.

Latest opinion polls show – 51% of the Poles oppose the missile shield. And only 30% support the decision. Two thirds of the population say they want a national referendum on the issue.

“I think that the attitude towards the U.S. is changing, especially since the beginning of the Iraqi war. So, Polish society is in the majority against Iraqi war an also against the deployment of missiles. So this is not only the young people but the majority of society,” said Filip Ilkovski, rally organizer.

The rally was also stages against Poland's participation in the war in Iraq.