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21 Aug, 2007 07:02

President Putin's speech at MAKS 2007 opening ceremony

President Putin traditionally opens MAKS aviation display that takes part every two years at Zhukovsky airfield.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the opening of another aviation show organized by Russia in the last 15 years is a highly significant event for our country. It’s not just a display and world-class air show,” Vladimir Putin started.

“MAKS has become the main aviation celebration of our country. It continues the long-standing tradition of aviation parades and air events that have always been held in our country. Over the next few days Zhukovsky will be visited by people of various professions and ages, especially young people which shows us that the romance of flight and interest in aviation and space are still very attractive. We are proud that over such a short period of time MAKS has gained much-deserved prestige and holds a firm position among the world’s leading aviation shows. All the participants and guests can see the show's growth for themselves,” the Russian President said, and then continued: “The number of exhibitors has grown by 30% this year. 780 domestic and foreign organizations are displaying their achievements.110 foreign delegations are also present. We are glad to see the increasing number of foreign participants. We will continue to use the show as a platform to strengthen business relationships and close mutually beneficial deals in the spheres of space and aviation. MAKS 2007 is presenting it’s own philosophy on how to hold such events. I’m not only talking about the show's infrastructure and it’s precise organization – you can see the large modern pavilions for yourself. A communications infrastructure has been created. The events schedule is most important. Scientific conferences and seminars where specialists can meet. Scientists, designers, engineers and manufacturers will present their advanced developments. They will discuss the most important trends in space and aviation development and this is one of the fundamental novelties of this year's show.”

“MAKS 2007 offers the best scientific and technological achievements to the professional community and the public. I would like to point out the backbone of Russian United Aircraft Corporation. Their plan is to actively enter the world market with competitive passenger and transport aviation. Besides this, Russia has a very important goal, which is to retain leadership in the production of military equipment. Russia’s unique space potential is also displayed at the show. I want to stress that Russia with its new economic opportunities will continue to strengthen and develop its high technology sector. I must point out one of the best traditions of MAKS – which is a rich air show program where the worlds best pilots will show off their skills. The world cup in this discipline will also take place. I am sure the public will enjoy the show and will look out for pilots from their countries. Congratulations and good luck ladies and gentlemen,”Mr Putin stressed.