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8 Oct, 2007 10:15

Politkovskaya's murderers 'known'

The investigators in charge of the Anna Politkovskaya murder case have announced they know who killed the journalist. She was shot dead last October in her Moscow apartment building, but the investigation is ongoing.

Just a day after the first anniversary of her murder, the Novaya Gazeta newspaper where Anna Politkovskaya worked until her death published an article with the headline: “We Know Who the Killer Is”.

In an interview with Novaya Gazeta’s News Editor, the Senior Investigator for special cases working with the Prosecutor General’s office, Petros Garibyan, revealed they already know who murdered Politkovskaya.

The statement did not come as a surprise to interviewer,  Sergey Sokolov, who says there is still a lot of work to be done.

“This is just part of a bigger picture, and there is still a lot of work to do. We need to find out who ordered the murder in first place, and that is a very difficult task. And, of course, we need to search for people involved in the case who are still at large,” notes Sergey Sokolov from Novaya Gazeta.

This case is drowning in speculation and pessimism that the organizers will ever be found.

“As soon as the solution of the crime was made public, there at once appeared a massive campaign aimed at discrediting the investigation, along with leaked information about what is going on in the investigation, which has obstructed it tremendously. I suppose there are many people who are not interested in the case to be solved and will be hindering the investigation further on,” Sergey Sokolov believes.

Ten people have been arrested so far and, according to the article, there will be further arrests. The suspected killer hasn’t been charged, but is claimed to be identified. And while the Prosecutor General’s Office has not yet commented on this latest twist, this could be the first step to satisfying hundreds of people that came out on to the streets Sunday, demanding those behind Politkovskaya's murder be brought to justice.