“Politkovskaya case needs more evidence”

The retrial of the suspects in Politkovskaya’s murder will give the investigation a new chance to find evidence in the case, believes Aleksey Pankin, editor-in-chief of IFRA-GIPP industry magazine.

“The thing that matters is to find those behind the case,” he told RT. “To be honest, I think this is a case that will never be fully solved, but in the process more truth will come out,” he added.

RT political commentator Peter Lavelle believes it is the judicial system that will be on trial this time:

“In my humble opinion, the prosecution did a deplorable job last time. You don’t go to trial unless you’re almost sure you get a conviction. They did not do that, but they have to do it this time. That means they need to have new evidence, not just different jurors,” he said.