Policemen turn ‘victims’ of road striptease

Policemen turn ‘victims’ of road striptease
A man in the Siberian town of Barnaul has made some road policemen’s hair curl by performing a striptease for them, the Atmosfera news agency reports.

The middle-aged man must have come to the traffic control post on foot as witnesses say they didn’t see his car. The man approached the post and began disrobing. When he was totally naked, he started swinging his arms as he neared the bewildered policemen.

The latter didn’t try to stop the man and, as one of the eyewitnesses said, even tried to hide beyond their post building.

In a minute, the man was dressed again. The source gives no information on what happened to him next.

Judging by the amateur video, made by yet another eyewitness, the man was sober. As one Atmosfera reader speculated, the whole performance looked as if he had lost a bet and therefore must have ‘paid up’ this way.