Police hunt for militant gang after Chechen raid

Russian police are trying to track down a group of more than 10 militants in the Vedeno district of south-eastern Chechnya. It's believed the insurgents escaped when officers raided a forest training camp in the area. The special operation began on Sund

One of the wanted men is reported to be of Arabic origin.

The fully-equipped training camp was hidden in the woods, with enough supplies to keep 25 people.  Police reported finding used bandages and other medical supplies there, possibly used by the insurgents.

Authorities suspect several of the wanted men could be former members of a group led by Rappani Khalilov.  He was killed during a special operation in Dagestan two weeks ago.

Khalilov is suspected of taking part in several terrorist attacks in Russia, including a blast in the city of Kaspiysk in 2002.  Dozens were killed in that explosion and more than a hundred others were injured.