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29 Apr, 2009 12:42

Police hero who captured the Moscow supermarket murderer

There could have been a lot more victims during the massacre in the Moscow supermarket had it not been for one heroic policeman, who put his life on the line to disarm the criminal.

When Kontiev and his workmate sergeant Sergey Monakhov arrived on the scene, the criminal, a major in the Moscow police, had taken some people hostage in the shop’s utility room, one of which was a pregnant woman among them.

“We drove to the Ostrov supermarket and immediately saw the shot driver of the Chevrolet. He was lying near his car, not far from the road. Then I saw a wounded young man, who later died in hospital. Appalled people ran up to us saying a police officer, who had staged a massacre, was now in the yard of the shop. We initially did not believe that this is a police officer. Witnesses said that he had a gray shirt, but it had to be blue [the color of Russian police uniform],” Aleksey Kontiev said.

“We drove into the yard the moment he was leading the women from the utility room and arranging them opposite the wall. We came into the yard and ordered him to drop his weapon. Instead, he began to shoot at us. My partner, Sergey Monakhov, jumped into the trash bin, and I hid in a corner. The firefight began. Bullets hit the trash bin, but didn’t penetrate it, because he was shooting from a hand gun from 30 meters away, which is quite a long distance,” he added.

In a couple of minutes another police vehicle, with the commander of Police Guard Service platoon Andrey Borodich inside, approached. When Yevsyukov saw the second car, he disappeared into the darkness, leaving his hostages behind. The policemen made sure that the people were safe and started searching for the criminal.

“We looked everywhere in the yard, but he was gone like the wind. The store security guards teamed up with us. We asked them whether somebody had come out of the opposite exit of the yard. ‘No’ they answered. We had a suspicion that he escaped through the roof. We checked the roof, but there was nobody there. So we returned to the yard. Our platoon commander, Andrey Borodich, was passing some boxes put at the door and suddenly we’ve heard a gunshot. Yevsyukov shot at him from just two meters. Borodich was not wearing his armor and it’s a miracle he didn’t catch a bullet. Andrey instantly responded, he sprang towards the direction of the shot and with the first blow knocked the gun from Yevsyukov hands. There was a struggle after that. The murderer desperately resisted, but there were three of us and we handcuffed him. Only after that did Borodich realize that he was within an inch of death,” Aleksey Kontiev continued.

”By the way, Yevsyukov, didn’t seem very drunk. But his glance was absolutely senseless, like he was an animal. He swore and shouted: ‘I’ll kill you!’ and ‘You’ll all go jail!’ But back then we did not believe that he was a policeman,” he concluded.

The journalists also approached Andrey Borodich for an interview but he refused to talk to the press saying: “I am a military person”.

The modest hero Borodich, 32, risked not only his life by attacking the armed criminal but his family’s, as he has a wife and a preschool child.

The Moscow police administration is planning on honoring the servicemen who took part in detaining Yevsyukov.

“The boys deserve it,” Vladimir Petrusenko, commander of Moscow’s Youzhny administrative district Police Guard Service, said.