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8 May, 2008 12:24

PM Putin maps Russia’s future

Vladimir Putin has used a forceful speech to lawmakers to map out his priorities as Russia’s new Prime Minister. State Duma Deputies overwhelmingly backed his candidacy and President Medvedev has already signed a decree, appointing Putin to the premiershi

In his speech in the State Duma, Putin gave his thoughts on everything from foreign relations and military reform to taxation and education.

“We must have co-ordinated work from all branches of power and the closest partnership in the interests of all citizens of the country and successful development,” Putin told Duma Deputies.

“We have to increase the efficiency and stability of the national economy and develop human resources. We must also take steps in innovation and infrastructure and provide maximum conditions for business,” he went on to say.

The national financial market must be strengthend, he said, and inflation must be reduced.

Putin also took questions from Duma Deputies, where he stressed the need for a diversified economy.

“The diversification of the economy is our priority and of course we need personnel for this. We have launched a programme for the development of fundamental science. For this purpose we have allocated 25 billion roubles.”

To watch Vladimir Putin’s speech, follow the link.

To watch the Q&A session by Putin, follow the link.

Earlier, President Dmitry Medvedev formally presented Vladimir Putin to Russia’s lower house, the State Duma.

“During the previous years we have been working together with Vladimir Putin and will continue our work. I think no one has any doubt that our tandem, our co-operation will become even stronger. This will also ensure the continuity and at the same time the development of the course that was supported by Russian society,” President Medvedev told the deputies of Russia’s State Duma.

To watch the full address of President Dmitry Medvedev to the State Duma, follow the link.

The previous government, headed by Viktor Zubkov, resigned on Wednesday, after the inauguration of Dmitry Medevedev.

According to the constitution, once sworn in, the prime minister has one week to form a government.