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30 Sep, 2011 06:25

Israel – Washington’s spoiled kid

Israel is violating international agreements on a daily basis. The question is, how long will it be before the international community decides to take action to stop it?

In the meantime the Palestinian bid for statehood has made a strong start at the UN Security Council with up to nine members, the required number to pass the vote, promising their support.The bid has already been forwarded to a special admissions committee for approval ahead of a vote.Meanwhile, the European Parliament has thrown its weight behind the Palestinian sovereignty drive, saying the statehood bid is legitimate.However, EU lawmakers believe Palestinian statehood should result from negotiations during the current UN General Assembly session.Observers say that it is at this stage that America is most likely to attempt to stall the process, in an effort to avoid having to veto it. Critics say such a move could be a big blow to its credibility as a mediator.Among the international bodies endorsing the bid is the European Parliament, which called the Palestinian quest for statehood a "legitimate" target.Meanwhile, Israel has yet again provoked criticism from much of the world community after approving more settlements on occupied Palestinian territory.A senior Fatah official told RT that unconditional US support and aid are a major factor in Israel's behavior.“It is an important message for us that the representative of the European people are saying loud and clear that this move [of Palestine] to the UN is very legitimate and we hope that this will reflect itself on the voting of the European government, in particular Portugal, France and Britain,” believes Dr Mohammad Shtayyeh, a senior member of Fatah's Central Committee in Ramallah.While the international community calls for Israel and Palestine to re-open talks, Tel-Aviv has announced plans to construct 1,100 new settlement units in Jerusalem, which is a "total erosion of the international effort to bring the two sides to negotiating table,” Shtayyeh points out.“Israel and the US hear very clearly that the international community wants an end to the occupation, a freeze on settlements, a resumption of talks on very clear terms of reference, and a healthier environment for peace.”Palestinians have met all the demands of the US and Israel, agreeing to proximity, direct and indirect talks. However, once Israel declared the end of its moratorium on constructing new settlements, the talks lost any meaning. Israel is violating UN resolutions and international agreements on a daily basis, so “the question is what the international community is doing to do about this.”“We hope that the international community does not continue to deal with Israel as a spoiled kid of Washington and some European capitals,” declares Dr Mohammed Shtayyeh.