Paedophile-killer faces five years behind bars

Paedophile-killer faces five years behind bars
A man who admitted to killing an alleged paedophile who assaulted his step-son may face five years in jail.

Alexander Kuznetsov said he found a man attempting to rape his eight-year-old son. The ex-boxer intervened and delivered several punches at the assailant’s head which killed him.

Prosecutors are calling for the incident to be recognised as a case of inflicting injuries that resulted in death. They say the crime is eligible for a five-year term – the minimum for this offence.

The Defence suggests the charge against Kuznetsov should be substituted to a milder one to take into account the alleged crime by the man he killed. If the court backs the argument, he could face up to two years behind bars.

The trial is closed to the public to protect the boy involved.

The sentence is due later this week.