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4 Nov, 2011 23:41

OWS to attack banks with spam?

As the OWS movement continues to grow, the reports of arrests and violence in the streets have become a regular thing. And poet and editor Artie Moffa told RT about a new way for a protest message to get heard without any risk of violence.

“I continue to get, like most people in America, these credit card mailers from the nation’s big banks,” Moffa said. “These are the same banks that ruined our economy by speculating and gambling on the housing market.”Artie Moffa says that the companies which people are protesting against on the streets are the same ones that are clogging up their mailboxes.“Inside these mailers is business reply mail envelopes,” he explained. “So I thought, rather than send back a credit card application, which is the last thing I want, I could communicate with the banks in this way.”And because the banks pay more in postage for heavier envelopes, he suggests putting all junk mail inside the envelope together with a cheap wooden shim that will make the letter too rigid to be processed by the mail-folding machine.“I can also put in a pro-union message for the people in the mailroom, letting them know that the 99 per cent includes them as well,” he added.